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Figure Skating
Coaching Approach

My goal as a figure skating coach is to spread my love for and knowledge of the sport of figure skating to skaters of all levels, abilities, and ages.  The skills I gained throughout a decade of training under and coaching alongside World & Olympic Hall of Fame coaches Evy & Mary Scotvold as well as my experience competing internationally and nationally, have provided me with invaluable tools.  I now have the rewarding opportunity of passing along these tools and specialized knowledge to my students. 

I enjoy coaching skaters of all aspirations whether you simply want to learn basic skating skills, you are looking to improve your skills for a theater on ice or synchronized skating team, or if you are an aspiring elite level skater.  I strive to accelerate my students’ advancement through the sport while helping them gain all of the many positive life skills and healthy lifestyle attributes that the sport affords.  I believe that these skill-sets and lifestyle attributes help skaters succeed not only on the ice, but in whatever they decide to pursue in life outside of figure skating as well.   Therefore, my hope is for my students to not only become stronger skaters through their training, but more importantly, to grow into stronger and more confident individuals and to build lasting friendships through their skating endeavors.

I have traveled the world extensively both in representing the US in international figure skating competitions as a member of Team USA as a teenager and in working to develop projects and companies around the globe as a business development consultant for the past decade.  This experiences has given me a unique perspective for a figure skating coach.  As a result of my experiences, I encourage excellence in my students not only in technique, artistry, training, and work ethic on the ice, but also in complementary off-ice work, academics, and personal character off the ice.  I also encourage my students to cultivate their other interests and ambitions whether they are in academics, the arts, dance, music, theater, other athletic activities, community service, etc.

​I strive to create a fun and positive, yet disciplined, focused, and motivating environment for my students.  I encourage a blend of serious training with the intent of progressing through the US Figure Skating (USFS) testing process and competing at USFS qualifying events with recreational and fun events such as shows, basic skills and open competitions, and team skating opportunities and events.

2018 Ice Chips 1.jpeg

I am fortunate to coach in the Boston area with beautiful facilities and a world-class team of coaches. I coach private lessons to students of all levels at rinks in the Boston area and am also part of the coaching team at the Elite Edge Skating Club (EESC).  EESC's team-based coaching and training model provides a healthy, positive, athlete-focused, and effective training environment for athletes of all levels to achieve their goals.  The program offers structured training programs that integrate on and off-ice training, strength and conditioning, ballet and dance, and stretching, as well as experts in skate sharpening and equipment.  The Boston area is also a center of excellence for some of the leading experts in figure skating-specific sports science and medicine, orthopedics, physical therapy, sports psychology, and nutrition.  Therefore, I am able to utilize these comprehensive resources in order to fulfill all of the needs of each individual skater.  

Over the years, I have specialized in the following areas: 

  • Coaching skaters of all levels and ages 

  • Developing excellence in technique, performance, presentation, and conditioning 

  • Focusing in disciplines of free skating, moves in the field, basic level choreography, and basic skills

  • Teaching off-ice jumping, plyometrics, and figure skating- specific core & strengthening                     exercises

  • Season planning for competitive athletes

  • Choosing and editing music to best suit each individual student's skating style and ability

  • Coaching students through USFS Tests

  • Preparing students for competitions and shows and coaching them at these events

  • Mentoring my students on the balance of skating, academics, health and well-being, social life, and other life issues and interests

  • ​Educational coaching, planning, & counseling.  Click below for more info on my educational coaching and planning services.

Lillian and Nicole L Basic Skills 2022.jpg
Clara and Morgan Nationals 2023.jpg
Clara nationals 2023 off ice
Annie 2023 spiral
Ella 2023 sectionals frame
Annie on medal stand 2023
Mimi 2023 sectionals medal
Lillian- Bee
Sophia Colonial 2019 1
Ella 2023 sectionals medal
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