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Student & Parent Testimonials

"From "All the single ladies" to "walking on sunshine" and now"call me maybe", Morgan definitely knows how to bring girls together and create a warm, fun and supportive group.  An accomplished skater herself, she is a great role model for me and I hope to be as successful as she is one day.  Morgan is always flexible with her lessons and willing to accommodate my busy schedule.  She motivates me to try new things and take some risks with my programs.  But the best thing about Morgan is that she always shows up with a smile on her face and we always have a great time.  Thanks for being the best skating coach I could ever have ."   - Izzy, age 13

"Morgan is so much fun! I learn a lot from her.  My favorite move she taught me is the waltz jump."   - Sophia age 6

"I am happy to say that Morgan helped us to find an ideal school for our daughter and she has been accepted!  What seemed so overwhelming just a few short weeks ago is now an exciting opportunity for our daughter.  Morgan provided personal, one-on-one advice and guidance during a very stressful time, and we could not be more grateful!" - Marianne, Mom, Newton, MA

​“Morgan has always and enthusiastically gone well  above and beyond the call of duty with respect to commitment, patience, creativity and caring for my children. They love her…and so do I!”         - Marcia, Mom of Jessica, Olivia, Cassandra, and Craig ages 10-13​

"I grew up skating, but took a break while going to college in a place without a nearby rink. Starting my PhD, I returned to skating after more than 10 years off the ice as part of the Harvard Figure Skating club. After such a long break, spins made me dizzy and jumping seemed terrifying. Morgan met me where I was at and has been incredibly supportive, patient, and encouraging as I work through new fears and become a skater again. She helped me put together a last minute program for the adult sectionals and helped me approach the competition as a fun challenge. Morgan is supportive of goals and commitments on and off the ice and is an excellent coach in every sense of the word for someone looking to make skating a lifelong activity." - Shelby, collegiate skater

"It never occurred to me that I could actually learn to skate as an adult.  But, when my son was 3, I took the chance and enrolled the 2 of us in a semi-private lesson together at the Frog Pond.  Morgan was our coach.  At the time I didn't even know what an "edge" was and all George wanted to do was sit on the ice and make holes in it with his blades.  Morgan was patient.  It was fun!  We came back. George is now 8 and has passed his first Moves in the Field test and has begun to compete. He does waltz jumps down the sidewalk and spins on the dining room floor.  At age 43 I am aspiring to take my Silver Adult Moves in the Field test after already passing my Pre-Bronze and Bronze levels.  Skating is my passion and joy.  For George it instills confidence and demands focus.  Through it all, Morgan has been there for us.  We are doing what we do today because of her. I believe that the first, most important thing that makes Morgan a good coach is her love for the sport.  The next is her faith and interest in her students' abilities to succeed at every level.    As an elite skater, she offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise that is unparalled, and as a coach, she is constantly striving to build on and improve her teaching techniques. Morgan is detail-oriented and will not let her students slack off.  At the same time, she will infuse each lesson with a sense of fun that will make her skaters want to come back for more."

- Jennifer, adult skater and Mom of George, age 8



"Since starting with Morgan, I have improved so much on my jumps, spins, and overall skating.  I have not competed in over a year, Morgan helped me put together a program in a short time with all the graceful finishing touches.  She is a great coach that you want to do your best for.    I placed 3rd in my first competition back, and 3 of the judges placed me 2nd!  I was thrilled.  Did I mention I am a skater over age 50?  So all you doubters, skating is not just for the young kids!"              - Cindy, adult skater, age 50+​


"I first met Morgan at the Frog Pond in the winter of 2008, my daughter Izzy was 8 years old at the time and enrolled in a group lesson.  Every Saturday morning, dressed in my warmest clothes with hot coffee in hand I watched as Morgan taught the girls to do amazing things on the ice.  One day Morgan casually suggested that I too could take part in the lessons to "keep warm".  I eventually followed Morgan advice and began to learn to skate. Last year Morgan choreographed a dynamic and an award winning routine for my daughter and I to perform at the Mayor Cup Competition at the Frog Pond.  Since then, Izzy and I have performed our "Foot Loose" program in several competitions and even brought home a gold medal.  We plan on performing together at the State Games of America in Hershey PA this summer.  What more can a mother of a young teenage girl ask for?  Morgan is a fantastic coach for students of all ages.  She is flexible, creative, patient, and loves to bring people together. Furthermore, Morgan is very knowledgeable and an invaluable resource when it comes to navigating the in and out of the ISI and USFSA competitions and tests schedule." - Denyse, Mom of Izzy, age 13

"Morgan has fostered my daughter's love of skating with her wonderful enthusiasm, patience, dedication and kindness as she teaches basic skills. With Morgan's encouragement, she entered her first competition this year. Morgan made it such a good experience, from the advance preparations to calming her jitters to celebrating her success, that she is eager to do it again. She looks forward to every session with Morgan!" - Mary Beth, Mom of Amory and Riley, ages 7 and 5

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